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Information about shard

Fog Of War Server - is a constantly improving, refreshing, scripting and up-grading body. We are even afraid to tell you about some of the most admirable features of our server, because while we are typing, our scripters and gamemasters may launch new ones.

 We can proudly inform you that within rather a short period of time, since the launch of the Fog Of War server in early 2006, we have climbed to the top of the ratings of this game, because our team has been working hard to improve the games world, which is highly valued by the users. Following our players request, we have opened another PVP server.

 With respect to our servers, we can state that at some points concerning convenience we have overcome the official server of Fog Of War that we are heading for, because we feel it our duty to make everything possible for your convenience, irrespective of whether the official server has got this or that function or not.

A lot of users from other less high-rating servers come to our server, because we have always paid attention to the technical fitting and the administration responsive to all kind of game problems. Our employees work day and night to improve Fog Of War: no matter, if it is raining, or if it is snowing, or if a lightings crashed our scripter will always finish the script and perform his duties, even in case he has to finish the script in a radioactive cloud. None of your questions will be left with no answer, and our hardware wont let your game client meditate on downloading.

You can learn more about Fog Of War here.


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