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Last news
Version of the game Lineage II - The Chaotic Throne: High Five 5.
Brand new server The Abyss with a significantly refined game mechanics. Updated kernel with more than 10,000 changes. Try it, and you'll love it!

To start the game on our servers you must update the client (4.74 Gb) and install the patch (25 Mb).

Only Euro-off client is supported.

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28.12.2007, 05:26 - Numerous changes
There was a client update. Request to all, to use autoupdater or to download small patch (1.63 Mb) from our site. Archive contents should be copied in game folder. It is impossible to play without this update. If a minimum FPS quantity at inactive a window uncomfortable for you, you can download this patch (0.16 Kb) and unrar it in a game folder.

Summon Friend and Gate Chant skills now will work exclusively in party.
Blue Primeval Crystal / Green Primeval Crystal / Red Primeval Crystal now can be used.
Sonic Storm / Sonic Buster - now use special stones, instead of charges.
Cleanse skill - reuse delay is corrected. 100% chance to remove all debuffs.
Recovery time of Cleanse skill is reduced.
Erase, Banish Holy, Banish Undead, Horror, Turn Undead, Knighthood, Corpse Burst, Heart of Paagrio, Life Drain, Steal Essence, Heroic Grndeur skills are corrected according the official server parametres.
Totems recovery time is corrected.
Duelist Spirit will give bonus in PvP.
Raid Boss - Abyss Brukunt is corrected. Now he actually 59 lvl.
Drop of epic jewellery is corrected.
At disconnect and critical error in Valakas nest you will have 30 minutes to login into game before char will be teleported to near city.
The resistance level against various abnormal state attacks has been modified. Poison: Men -> Con. Abnormal state of various magic: Wit -> Men.
Experience reception table has been changed on purpose to increase a maximum level of character to 80, but to keep rates of server. Therefore after you will login on server after restart you will notice small deviations in experience from that that was before preventive maintenance (1-2. From monster killing now you will recieve less experience in numerical expression, but rates will NOT change. For example: earlier it was necessary to get 1000 experience for lvl up, from 1 monster came 10, after changes it will be necessary to get 100 and from monster will come 1 experience. New skills are avaliable for learning.

Attention, in the next few days all CRP for all clans on all servers will be nullified. It is a compulsory measure connected with a mass CRP gain on arena. About official start of everything that is connected with Interlude clan system, will be announced in news on website.


Recovery time of Mana Potion is removed.
Mana Potion now instantly restore mp, instead of regen it, and accordingly do not occupy buff slot.
Elemental Protection will hold for 60 minutes now.
AutoLearn of Gladiators skills is corrected.
Author: Masamune   |  Comments: 20
23.12.2007, 18:14 - Christmas event
On the eve of New Year and all expected holidays, Santa's guild has placed the representatives in all cities of Aden and Elmore. Special components which can be exchanged for New Year's fur-trees will start to fall from monsters. Besides, you are waited by many other gifts. Details here.

Event will starts on December 24 at 00:00 (GMT +03:00).
Author: Masamune   |  Comments: 5
19.12.2007, 21:10 - Pack of fixes
Now NPC Trader Enverun gives an Alligator Hunter quest.

Following quests are corrected: Magical Power of Fire - Part 1, Magical Power of Fire - Part 2, Gather the Flames, Relics of the Old Empir, Four Goblets, Egg Delivery, The Finest Ingredients, Hunt of the Golden Ram, Mercenary Force, Clean up the Swamp of Screams. All who has suffered from errors in these quests need to communicate through "Private Cabinet" with =GM=Dzunbej. Describe your situation carefully!

Following skills are added: Victories of Paagrio, Symbol of Defense, Symbol of Energy, Symbol of Noise.

Following skills are corrected: Celestial Shield, Overlords Seals (Success Rate), Spell Force, Soul Cry Soul Guard (MP consumption), Flame Chant (300, duration), Double Shot (Critical effect is added).

Summon Friend/Gate Chant skills now are not operational in Valakas nest.

Antaras/Valakas - P.Def and M.Def are increased.

Monster on the road to Stakato Nest which could not be hitted earlier is corrected.
Author: Masamune   |  Comments: 21
19.12.2007, 00:36 - Update of skills
Corrected skills: Mana Storm, Arcane Disruption, Mental Shield, Celestia Shield, weakness, Summon Feline King, Battle Force, Spell Force, Lightning Strike, Gate Chant, Flames of Invincibility, Pa'agrios Fist, Mirage, Victories of Paagrio.

Buff time is corrected (x300): Dance of Fire/Flame Chant.

Now Summon Friend skill needs Summoning Crystal to operate.

Elixirs are added to shops in Town of Schuttgart.

CP potions recovery time is corrected.

Feline King is altered. Now his characteristics coincide with official server.

SA Critical Stun from now on affects all in polearm radius (150 radius).

Force Barrier, Sonic Barrier Celestial Shield. Cancel Resistance Effect has been removed.

Now Mana Potion cannot be used instantly and one behind one, recovery time is added.

Problem with switching and disappearance of subclasses has been corrected. If you still have problems with subs you need to contact =GMzunbej through "Private Cabinet".
Author: Masamune   |  Comments: 18
14.12.2007, 01:59 - Active vendors
"Active vendors" service has been transferred to "Private Cabinet". Now users of "Professional" package have possibility to search necessary items not only among those who also user of "Professional" package, but also among all other players. Also ability to save search options is entered, that allows to do a couple of profiles and to see report at once, that it is necessary for you on all servers.
Author: Masamune   |  Comments: 0
13.12.2007, 02:01 - Next changes in work of Interlude skills
The next changes in work of Interlude skills are made.

On x300 server now there is a possibility to get armor sets not only entirely, but also in parts.
Author: Masamune   |  Comments: 11
12.12.2007, 04:06 - Fixes of skills
Skills Heroic Dread, Mana Burn, Major Heal, Trance, Clarity, Major Group Heal, Arrest, Turn Undead, Soul of the Phoenix, Heroic Grandeur, Counter Attack, Braveheart, Day of Doom, Heroic Miracle, Greater Battle Heal, Greater Heal, Greater Group Heal, Invocation, Heroic Berserker, Spell Turning, Deadly Blow, Lethal Blow, Symbol of Snipe are corrected.

Impossibility to enchant of some items is liquidated.

Buff time of Death Whisper, Dance of Fire, Greater Shield, Greater Might, War Chant, Earth Chant, Holy Resist, Unholy Resist skills have been corrected according 300 PvP server.

Visual effect of drinking Mana Potion and Mana Drug is fixed (autoupdater will help).
Author: Masamune   |  Comments: 8
11.12.2007, 01:03 - Big update
There was a client update. Request to all, to use autoupdater or to download small patch (1.79 Mb) from our site. Archive contents should be copied in game folder. It is impossible to play without this update. If a minimum FPS quantity at inactive a window uncomfortable for you, you can download this patch (1.67 Mb) and unrar it in a game folder.

Free access to 1 server for all accounts is opened.

Intergame voice communication (aka TeamSpeak) was implemented. The system allows to communicate privately with the certain character and in party. No need to use any additional programs for this purpose. Management Hotkeys:
Alt-Z enables a microphone in party.
Alt-Q enables a microphone in private conversation. To send a message it is necessary to take your opponent in target. You can hear only if you are also in target of your opponent.
Alt-E enables voice communication in party. Enabled by default.
Alt-W enables private voice communication. Disabled by default.
P.S. When disabling voice channel (Alt-E, Alt-W) no additional traffic is used.

Offline character dismiss from a clan now works correctly.

Experience loss at death after 76 level is corrected according the official server.

Angelic Icon, Banish Undead, Demonic Blade Dance, Critical Blow, Rapid Fire, Spirit of Sagittarius, Pain of Sagittarius, Quiver of Holding, Zealot, Death Whisper, Dance of Fire, Eye of Pa'agrio, Chant of Rage skills are corrected according the official server parametres.

Now in Schuttgard area in the rivers it is possible to sink (water is added: Primeval Island/North, Ocean/Plunderous Plains, River/Frozen Labrynth, River/Area Above Pegan's Temple).

The bug with Ice Storm Hammer (Focus) (B-Grade) connected with impossibility to enchant this weapon normally is corrected.

Sonic Blaster skill learn now as on official server.

Exploration of Giants Cave, Part 1 and 2 quests are corrected.
Author: Masamune   |  Comments: 24
05.12.2007, 01:20
Dear players, unfortunately x300 server still is on guarantee repair, date of start will be known in the nearest 1-2 days. If because of this servers failure your clan has lost clanhall or castle you need to address to =GM=Dzunbej through "Private cabinet", and specify: name of a clan, server, nickname of the leader, clanhall or castle name which you owned before failure and reason, why you have lost it. The property will be returned to owners up to the end of working week.

To all who had been used "Professional" package at the moment of servers failure was added 1 month free of charge as moral indemnification.
Author: Masamune
04.12.2007, 01:20 - Long Break
Dear The Abyss users. For the first time for 6.5 years of work we had such long break with working capacity. Many of you have chosen Abyss because of stability and you had to be fidgety. Take our apologies. We had a unexpected technical failure to which we were not ready and we even were unable to describe on time a course of carried out works and keep posted events. Officially we declare, that all that nonsense which have appeared on different resources - hearings. Now we again with you, all mail, all accounts, all other current questions - everything, everything, all was kept: do not worry. We completely resume our work and all questions will be considered in as much as possible fast terms. Once again excuse for the caused compelled inconveniences. We too have become bored and too are very glad to see you again.
Author: Masamune


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