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Version of the game Lineage II - The Chaotic Throne: High Five 5.
Brand new server The Abyss with a significantly refined game mechanics. Updated kernel with more than 10,000 changes. Try it, and you'll love it!

To start the game on our servers you must update the client (4.74 Gb) and install the patch (25 Mb).

Only Euro-off client is supported.

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25.12.2010, 22:46 - Christmas update
• New Year Event is added! Event will start today and it will last till 7. January 2011.
• Movement of the character (after pulling out the dips in the geodata, reducing the chance to fail) has been improved.
• Pathways of monsters and characters are implemented in accordance with the official server.
• Problem with "cannot see target" has been fixed.
• "Premium character" now works correctly on servers x3, and x10.

• Fifth epic quest has been returned.
• Drop in "Supplier of Reagents" has been fixed.
• Bug with quest for clan level 4 has been fixed. (objects can be picked now correctly).
• Reward for first profession has been fixed.
• Quest Influx of Machines now corresponds to Freya.
• The lack of items drop on the quest [Gather the flames] has been fixed.
• Incorrect restriction of drop in the quest for S84 has been fixed.

• AREA skills which are used on non flagged players are fixed.
• Skill Bleed has been fixed.
• Debuffs are implemented in Plains of Lizardman.
• Skills Corpse Life Drain and Body to Mind are fixed.
• Bug with using quest skill from the Beast Farm on Olympiad,has been fixed.
• Skill Turn Undead has been fixed.

• Receiving Hero items for Kamaels, is fixed.
• Incorrect exchange of cloaks at Vieverns in Aden and Rune is fixed.
• Error in calculating the angle of attack with a spear has been fixed.
• Territory Managers are updated.
• Olf Canore - exchange Belts.

• Aggressiveness of monsters after rejoining the game has been fixed.
• AI of Valakas now verifies if there is someone, before you hit the AOE skill.
• Proper display of dead monsters with the appearance of the player.
• Charging SA on fake Beleth has been disabled.
• HP of fake Beleth has been increased.
• Errors in the distribution of the exp for baby pets are fixed.
• Spawn has been added in Alligator Island.
• Regeneration of Hp-Mp at baby pets has been fixed.
• Translation for Skill Transfer has been added.
• Stats of Magnus The Unicorn are fixed.
• Herb drop from monsters in Mitril Mines and Silent Valley has been added.
• Free teleport to the Kamael Village has been fixed.
• Respawn in the Rift is correct now.
• Maestro Ishuma has been updated.
• Drop from Typhoon raid has been fixed.
• Auctioneers are updated.Time onMonday, Wednesday and Friday.
• Number of monsters in Ketra has been reduced.
• Time of Baium re spawn has been fixed.
• Missing html for registration for [Rainbow Springs Chateau] has been added.
• HP of monsters in Field of Whisper, Mithril Mines has been corrected.
• Command / mybirthday is fixed.
• Problem with stacks of effects of paralysis has been fixed.
• Lack of new seeds in the manor castle Shtuttgart has been fixed.
• Aggressive mobs are fixed after planting the seeds in their manor.
• The lack of a modifier grown seeds for 'X mobs in the Manor has been fixed.
• Incorrect bonus system of recommendations on Bonus Exp has been fixed.

Updates will be filled in, after 18:00 (GMT +03:00) on all servers.
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