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Last news
Version of the game Lineage II - The Chaotic Throne: High Five 5.
Brand new server The Abyss with a significantly refined game mechanics. Updated kernel with more than 10,000 changes. Try it, and you'll love it!

To start the game on our servers you must update the client (4.74 Gb) and install the patch (25 Mb).

Only Euro-off client is supported.

Lineage 2 rating Please vote for us in the ratings every day. Make your game more interesting, we need new players!
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23.12.2011, 04:13 - Festival comes to us!
New client update. Please run auto updater or download a patch (25 Mb) from our site. Content should be copied into the game folder.

New year - the holidays, time for presents. We feel the spirit of Christmas in the air and the smell of Christmas trees. We are preparing New Year activities for our dear players. During these holidays we will give gifts to all! At December 25,each player will receive mysterious New Year's chest,which contains something nice as a symbol of attention from portal! However,chest can be opened only on 2nd January 2012!


Christmas sale!

Now you can surprise yourself and friends with Christmas gifts! Only in this period you can get the chests of three types which are filled with rare objects of extraordinary value. The higher the level of the chest is, the greater chance of getting rare items is. Chests are available for purchase on your private cabinet account.

UPD: Christmas chests can be opened only on 7nd January 2012!

In the chest of the first level you can win along with other useful objects, Transformation Scroll: Anakim, Transformation Scroll: Zaken, Agathion Seal Bracelet - Pegasus.

Chest in the second level contains even more unique items, as well as a chance to get Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (S-Grade), Earring of Zaken, Ring of Queen Ant (Can drop two things).

Chest packed in the third level gives a chance to get elite, epic gear, including the Earring of Antharas, Necklace of Valakas, Ring of Beleth (may fall all three things).

Gifts are designed specifically and rate of all the servers is considered so it will be useful to everyone.

Now, you can get a discount of 50% for all chests, and from 2 to January 6, the discount will already be 30%. However, after January 7, all chests will be available at full cost only.
Author: =GM=deepSilent Comments: 2
18.12.2011, 20:36 - Global update
Dear players!

Our servers are now down because we started our new big update.

Once again, here is some of what have been done:
- Critical Death Shot, Multiple Shot, Seven Arrow has been added;
- Seven arrow, Arcane Shield, Insane Crusher, Fake Death, Shield Deflect Magic, Shield of Revenge, Seal of Despair, Deadly Roulette has been fixed;
- Reflection Cancel has been fixed;
- Chance to raise the level of charge at 83 tanks has been fixed;
- Epic bosses are reconstructed in LOA and DW;
- Stats for heroic weapons are fixed;
- Dependency of force skills from STR character has been added;
- Olympiad and geodata on it has been fixed;
- Treasure Chest has been implemented in accordance with the chronicles of High Five;
- The possibility of teleporting characters with flags on Anomic foundry has been disabled;
- Instances Tower Of Naia, Freya, Extreme Freya, Beleth are implemented;
- GEODATA has been completely reconstructed;
- Weapon mastery in overlord and warcryer has been fixed;
- Stun chance has been fixed;
- Rollback triggers are added;
- Correct operation of subclasses certifications has been implemented;
and a lot of other small corrections...

We hope to do the game more interesting and comfortable for you.

Approximate time of technical works is at least 1,5 hour.
Author: =GM=deepSilent Comments: 3


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