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Last news
Version of the game Lineage II - The Chaotic Throne: High Five 5.
Brand new server The Abyss with a significantly refined game mechanics. Updated kernel with more than 10,000 changes. Try it, and you'll love it!

To start the game on our servers you must update the client (4.74 Gb) and install the patch (25 Mb).

Only Euro-off client is supported.

Lineage 2 rating Please vote for us in the ratings every day. Make your game more interesting, we need new players!
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23.12.2012, 11:07 - Holidays are coming!
You are now able to update client. A lot of problems with items display are fixed.
Content should be copied to a folder OverWorld. Download the patch (3.59 Mb).


On December 24th, you will receive a Christmas gift, filled with the spirit of Christmas and the holiday spirit. A gift can be opened 7th January 2013.

You can surprise yourself and your friends with gifts, due to holidays, rare and interesting items are available, which are filled with items of extraordinary value.
The larger the sphere is, the greater the chance of getting rare items is.

ImageSmall Christmas Sphere
From it may fall, along with other useful items:
• Versatile and useful transformation
• Beautiful Accessories
• Pleasant Agathion


ImageSpecial Christmas Sphere
Contains even more goodies, there is also a chance to get:
• 7th Anniversary Cloak - Pitch Black
• 7th Anniversary Cloak - Blood Red
• 7th Anniversary Cloak - Pearl White
• Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (S-Grade)
• Blessed Scroll: Enchant Armor (S-Grade)
• Earring of Zaken
• Ring of Queen Ant
• Necklace of Frintezza
• Provides enhanced set of objects


ImageBig Christmas Sphere
Rare and valuable items:
• Scroll: Enchant Weapon of Destruction (S-Grade)
• Scroll: Enchant Armor of Destruction (S-Grade)
• Ring of Baium
• Earring of Antharas
• Blessed Necklace of Freya
• Necklace of Valakas
• Ring of Beleth
• Jade Claw (Top S84 claws)
• Eternal Core Sword (Top S84-handed sword)
• Demitelum (Top S84 peak)
• Sacredium (Top S84 magic weapon)
• Archangel Sword (Top S84 magic weapon)
• Cyclic Cane (Top S84 magical two-handed weapon)
• Eversor Mace (Top S84 mace)
• Mamba Edge (Top S84 dagger)
• Recurve Thore Bow (Top S84 onion)


Each sphere will include a variety of items that are sure to delight you with a list of more than 200 items, but the main items, of course, are described above.

Each area can drop a few items. Spheres are available for purchase in a private cabinet.

All gifts will be opened from 7 January 2013. Sale of holiday gifts will last until 22 January inclusive.
Attention, can be obtained 'till 2n January (01.01.2013 23:59) with 50% discount. From 2nd, discount will be only 30%, and on January 7, gifts are going to be sold at full price.

Gifts are specially designed with the features of all the servers and will be useful to everyone. From the heart, we wish you a happy, new ideas and achievements, enjoyable campaign, no matter where you are. In 2013, you will find a lot of new and interesting things, with us. Congratulations, dear friends!
Author: =GM=deepSilent Comments: 1
20.12.2012, 00:53 - Useful patch
You can download useful patch


- old TheAbyss's chat fonts
- colored system chat messages and mid-screen pop-up 'Critical Hit!' and buff success/fail messages
- NPC and nicknames are visible with much longer distance than default
- +5% PDef/MDef accessories are visible

Author: =GM=deepSilent
18.12.2012, 01:19 - Further login issues
If are having problems with login or any other questions, please follow this topic.
Author: =GM=deepSilent
16.12.2012, 18:51 - Game login
Because of technical problems at servers, our team has found an alternative way to enter the game.
You will need to download the following file: updater and place it to the game folder.

If you don't have Overworld file, you can download it from here: http://iccup.com/buploads/lineage2/OverWorld.zip

Complications are going be solved very soon!
Author: =GM=deepSilent Comments: 3
15.12.2012, 15:44 - 1st Stage's done!
Today is the first stage of The Abyss and Overworld merging. Why is this good? You have 2 times more servers (x3, x10, x3000, x50, Rumiel x50, Light x10, Dragon x15). And above all, a wide choice to suit all tastes of rates, stable and high-quality shared service projects, it's enjoyable moment to meet new players. More online servers, new friends, growing action in the game.

In order to play, you must do the following:

The Abyss players:

1. Download updater
2. Extract update to game folder
3. Run update

Overworld players:

1. Run updater
2. OW has been added to your login. For example if my login was deepsilent1 now it's OWdeepsilent1
3. Enter your OWlogin and log into the game

What lies ahead?

- Completion of the integration projects under a single login;
- Economic recovery of game servers
- Staging server consolidation within the project;
- Advertising and online growing
- Opening of the new servers and chronicles ( will be discussed later )

Possible problems

We understand that transfer of projects brought a lot of inconvenience but soon all of the most basic problems are going to be solved. So, some specifics:

- There are problems with the entrance to the game-related problems after you move the encrypted passwords database logins private cabinets... At the moment this problem is a priority and it is going to be fixed as soon as possible.
- "Disappeared" accessories - they will appear soon. Do not worry!
- Some users can not log into the game because of after adding OW prefix, letters exceed the limit. This problem has been solved.
- Conflict and antivirus updater overworld.su solved by adding to the list of exceptions.
Author: =GM=deepSilent Comments: 3
08.12.2012, 11:58 - Project merging

Dear players! Two major projects Lineage2 - OverWorld.su and TheAbyss.ru, with their long and glorious history will unite under one banner for a advanced development.

Here comes the time for the new gaming and real dating, more fun, rivalries and epic battles, already on the common platform of the two projects together under one private office - The Abyss.

Game servers will be placed initially with a single login, and then gradually servers will be connected within a common platform.
Your application will be processed by the general customer support, which is fully reformed to support faster and more efficient. You will be able to communicate through both forums.

Preparations are already underway. For more details about the concept of the merger, we will write in news. The same topic you can read on the forum of our project partner.
Author: =GM=deepSilent Comments: 1


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